We offer you the best prerequisites, whatever your plans are.

Infrastructure and logistics

The port of Vierow along the bank of the Greifswalder Bodden has an ideal geographical location, which is both protected and unobstructed, and at the same time also has direct access for the seamless transport of goods by land or water. We are therefore your one stop provider when it comes to realising entire logistics chains as an all-round package. We take care of all the details so you can get from point A to point B.

• Our own siding track for freight trains
• Round the clock accessibility: no bridges, sluices, no time restrictions
• For road transport: No trip though a city centre necessary
• Located directly on the national waterway
• Affordable transport to inland destinations with a connection to the European network of inland

   waterways via the Oder or Mittelland canal/Baltic Sea- Adria corridor

Handling equipment

We are equipped to handle any contingency. With technical equipment designed to deliver maximum flexibility, the port of Vierow isn‘t easily overloaded and is also capable of handling the most demanding assignments. Modern technology is combined with long-standing experience and refined strategic approaches.

• Grain handling with a semi-mobile conveyor line including a direct warehouse connection
     · Cargo handling capacity of the conveyor line: 300 tonnes per hour
• Hydraulic re-handling cranes with 18.50 – 21 metres outreach
     · Handling capacity per crane: 250 tonnes per hour
• Extensive machinery for moving cargo
     · Wheel loader
     · Skid steer
     · Fork lift
     · Tractors with dump trailers
     · Mobile conveyor belts
• Ultra-modern measurement equipment
     · Two weighbridges for vehicles up to 60 tonnes
     · Fully automatic hopper scale for up to 300 tonnes per hour