Mukran agriculture terminal - our partner port on Rügen.

The port of Vierow is characterised by the efficient distribution of tasks and effective cooperation between the Hafen Vierow GmbH and VIELA Export GmbH. This cooperation has become an exceptionally productive partnership between the port of Vierow and the ferry port of Sassnitz/Mukran. After all, VIELA Export GmbH operates a second office there and also disposes of additional grain storage areas. Larger vessels, which we are unable to completely load in Vierow due to their draft can be topped up here. The synergy effects associated with this close cooperation between the two port locations offer genuine cost benefits for all parties involved.

The ferry port of Sassnitz/Mukran is the largest railway ferry port in Germany and is a major hub for the movement of goods to and from Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia due to its crucial significance for railway traffic. The ferry port of Sassnitz/Mukran is the only port in Western Europe with railway and cargo handling equipments for Russian broad-gauge tracks, which is why it is considered the “westernmost cargo station of the Trans-Siberian railway“.